MetalTrading Company International and National  Scrap Trading COMPANY primarily based in Pakistan, was established in 2013. based on the principles of quality, honesty and flexibility, Metal has created a distinct segment within the scrap Trading, trade at intervals some of years of firm and has met consumer expectations in terms of premium and non premium grade of metal scrap.

The core operations of Metal Trading Company is concentrated at sourcing totally different grades of ferric & non ferric metal scrap from our partner Go downs in Pakistan. owing to the intensive ground data and relationship with Go downs we tend to a ready to endlessly provide premium grade metal scrap to our international purchasers with assured quality, timely delivery & clear documentation. Our SUPPLIERS are fastidiously screened for expertise, quality, and expertise so our purchasers have a swish group action.

Our competitive strengths are our provide center, our client base, our commitment to quality and our old management team. If you’re additionally searching for a reliable partner to assist you source, we tend to are simply a decision away.

Keeping the various needs of the purchasers in mind, we provide totally different kinds of Metal Scraps.

  • Varieties accessible
  • Copper Scrap
  • Aluminum Scrap
  • Brass Scrap
  • Zinc Scrap
  • Lead Scrap
  • Compressor Scrap


Copper Scrap

We bring about a premium variety of Copper Wire Scrap for the purchasers. Our Copper Wire Scrap is extremely acclaimed by the purchasers due to its high density. This Copper Wire Scrap is procured from reliable and authentic vendors that assure its superior quality.

Aluminum Scrap

The aluminum Scrap offered by the Metal Trading Company is known for its exceptional reliability. The aluminum Scrap exported by the company is known for its exceptional durability. the company offers the metallic element Scrap are the foremost discounted costs of the business.

Brass Scrap

The company is a reliable exporter of premium Brass Scrap that’s importer from reliable vendors located across the world. The adept team members employed by the company strictly check the standard of this Brass Scrap. due to its high durability, this Brass Scrap is extremely acclaimed by the clients.

Zinc Scrap

Providing ease while utilization, the zinc Scrap offered by the company is procured from reliable vendors. The Zn Scrap Exported by the company has met the required expectations of the clients in terms of quality and performance. moreover, the corporate offers prompt delivery of Zn Scrap to the clients.